Core Curriculum

Our developmentally driven  program of instruction is the product of collaboration between teachers and content specialist. Teachers rely heavily on resource-based materials (Saxon math, Orton-Gillingham Phonograms, National Geographic Language Arts, Waldorf folklore, fairy tales, and fables,  literature selections, periodicals, teacher-created lessons, field trips/field study, resident artists/professionals, community resources,) to deliver holistic Head, Heart, & Hands main lessons.

The focus is on developmentally appropriate, full sensory academic rigor using brain-based, arts integrated delivery.

Skills & Attributes

Treeside students develop meaningful skills in social and academic realms, with the opportunity to develop an awareness of their innate artistic and creative abilities through our arts focus. Students become creative problem solvers, sophisticated in interacting cooperatively, resolving conflicts peacefully, researching/analyzing data, and engaging in a school environment society while being challenged to achieve in the core basics of reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, computing, reasoning, and solving mathematical problems.

Learning Environment:

  • supports questioning, experimentation, self-expression, creativity and appropriate risk-taking
  • encourages multi-disciplinary and cross-curricular study
  • models and requires high-level thinking skills and communication skills, including synthesis and analysis
  • models continued learning, interest and enthusiasm
  • models reflection and self-assessment
  • is meaningful and memorable,  and promotes depth of learning (as opposed to memorization only)
  • creates opportunities for knowledge to be applied to real-world contexts
  • provides a variety of ways for students to engage in coursework and in the school community

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Standards based instruction presented through "I Can" statements : "I can use reasoning to decide when to multiply or divide to solve word problems."
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Nature-Based Learning
  • Integration of the Arts to deliver core concepts
  • Multiple Assessment Methods
  • Specialists in music, visual art, science, movement, technology, and dance that teach from state standards in collaboration with teachers to compliment units of study and further integrate the arts cross the curriculum