Spanish/ English Dual Immersion Requests

Dear Treeside Kindergarten Parents:

As you are probably aware, Treeside has a Spanish/English Dual Immersion Program.  What this means is that starting in first grade and going through 6th grade, a student will receive 1/2 of their instruction entirely in Spanish and the other 1/2 in English.  We have native speaking teachers in both English and Spanish.

First grade students in the program this year, automatically stay in the program for next year in second grade.  

This means that 50 of the Kindergarten students this year will be able to begin the program next year in first grade.  It is a long term commitment.  By the time the students are in 6th grade, they will be fluent in Spanish and English.

If you are interested in having your student participate in the Spanish/English Dual Immersion Program at Treeside next year, please fill out this simple form by Friday April 17th.
We only have 50 openings for those that register on this site.

If you would like to know more about the program click on the link to the State Dual Immersion program. 

Thank you for choosing Treeside!