Integrated Spanish at Treeside

In a nut-shell:

Our program is not the traditional "immersion" programs in most public schools that require a percentage of instruction in Spanish.

Our program will surround the children in typical Waldorf/Montessori fashion. Students can participate and absorb as much as they would like. Those who have an affinity and a love for it, will find it an invaluable resource.  Those for whom language is not a priority, will not be forced or required. --It will not be the emphasis of the school (like an immersion program), rather, it will be a supplementary opportunity for students to become better global citizens by understanding other ways of thinking, speaking, celebrating, and socializing. 

The Integrated Spanish Program at Treeside brings language to your students using a near seamless approach. Though students will receive multi-sensory formal instruction at least twice a week, most of the learning will take place outside of that time. Their natural environment will be saturated with queues, resources, and helpful reminders, to use their language when it is most advantageous.  By carefully crafting when and where the students learn to speak this new language, we provide them with an essential grammatical foundation that allows them to quickly begin to learn on their own. 

Additionally, the student's formal instruction will be heavily integrated into Treeside's movement curriculum.  Students will learn practical Spanish vocabulary in the atmosphere in which that vocabulary would be used. For example, children will learn the Spanish words for "garden," "earth," and “grass” by taking a walk in the school yard and experiencing the vocabulary. They might learn the phrase "Throw the ball to me," while playing basketball in our multipurpose building.  They will have cultural experiences by learning how important dance is in Latin American culture and all the words and phrases that accompany that activity. These, and many more experiences, will solidify the language for your children. 

Lastly, one of the most beautiful aspects of our Waldorf method is the depth of literature in the curriculum. Learning another language provides access to a wealth of literature.  As Treeside children move through the program, they will get to read Spanish poetry and fables in its native language. What a wonderful and rich experience for a generation of truly global citizens!