The Treeside experience

Walking into Treeside is a multi sensory experience for all who enter and a manifestation of fulfilling its mission to provide a rigorous whole-child education. As you approach the building you notice something distinctly different. Treeside's “Outdoor Learning Laboratory.” Trees are labeled with their type and a brief description. Flowerbeds are filled with seasonal flowers planted, maintained and studied by students. The geodisic dome greenhouse is filled with budding plants.  The orchard provides shade and fruitful learning opportunities.  The rabbits and chickens teach students valuable husbandry skills.  Your imagination and wonder is sparked by the thought of children learning even before entering the building.

Walking through the front doors evokes no less wonder. A welcoming family hearth warms your heart as you enter the front room. Bulletin boards displaying children’s art work as well as academic work cover the walls alerting you that this school is child-centered and proud of the creativity and thought it espouses. You walk by a table displaying student handwork such as sculptures, knitting, or paper-mâché urns . 

Next you hear the voices of children reciting a word family poem, reading a story they authored, singing multiplication tables, or a lively group discussion on Greek mythology. As you peek into a classroom, your senses will once again be enlivened by the sights, sounds, and smells of a fifth grade science project focusing on ecology and clean energy. You are impressed by the way students and teachers interact. Lesson objectives are posted on the whiteboard so that students know “what “ and “why” they are learning as they are experiencing the “how” of learning. 

Everything at Treeside  is focused on learning from incorporating drama and movement into a math lesson to the way a student is disciplined using the Love and Logic approach.

Dr. Johnson and his highly skilled faculty are dedicated to realizing the scenario above. We believe that high student achievement is the product of purposeful multi-sensory holistic pedagogy. In Waldorf terms we do not have to sacrifice the “heart and hands” in order to develop the “head.” In fact we believe the opposite. In order to be a truly intelligent human being we must develop our understanding of the world and our place in it. We must also have the practical skills necessary to take action to, not only find purpose and meaning in our lives, but to contribute to the lives of others. 

Treeside will educate children to this purpose. 

We ask you to join us in this journey.

Treeside Charter School's program of instruction is influenced by aspects of Waldorf Education in alignment with our community's needs.and does not claim to be an "official Waldorf public school."