How We Teach

our mission.

Our mission is to deliver a developmentally driven whole-child, education to students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Students experience rich academic content delivered through the arts, music, movement, nature-based, and service learning. Through the use of our “head, heart, and hands” methodology, students emerge intellectually capable, self-confident, creative, free individuals who are able, of themselves, to impart purpose and direction to their lives.

An artistic developmental approach to learning

Fundamental to our approach is the insight that children learn differently at different stages of development. This means that how we present content is carefully chosen to work in harmony with the phases of the child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development thus giving children meaningful experiences at every age.

Main lesson

The cornerstone of the day is the Main Lesson, an active and kinesthetic two-hour instructional period focusing on the core curriculum: math, language arts, science and humanities. Lessons are theme based and always include multiple objectives. Main lessons are cross-curricular: math is taught during a language arts lesson or science is integrated into history. This integration decreases the compartmentalization of information and increases understanding of how concepts connect.

We use the arts to deliver core concepts

The arts, including storytelling, movement, music, poetry, drama, drawing, painting, modeling, reading, and writing are incorporated in every Main Lesson.

Students record and illustrate what they have learned in Main Lesson books.  What begins as a blank journal becomes an individual record of experiences, observations and gained knowledge, along with hand-drawn illustrations, and written reflection of learned content.  As a portfolio of work, a student’s Main Lesson books reflect key objectives and skills a student has learned, while also displaying the student’s inspiration.