Experiential Learning

Nature-based Learning

We educate the whole-child to see him/herself as living within the context of a whole environment. Whenever appropriate and relevant students will learn outside.  Our site is  “landscaped for learning” where trees and flowers, wetlands, and a garden provide learning opportunities for science, botany, math, and the arts.

The schoolyard boasts an organic garden planted and maintained by upper grade students and will be used for science, health, and sustainability education. Children learn about plants, animals, ecology and the world around them through hands-on experiences as caretakers.  They begin to internalize their connection to and responsibility to care for the natural world.

Project-Based Learning

We believe in order for learning to be meaningful and memorable it must be relevant and useful to students. Project-based learning allows for practical use of knowledge. Our students engage in both individual and group projects. Handwork and woodworking projects are naturally  integrated into the curriculum by subject. For example, 5th graders may use sewing machines in handwork as the Industrial Revolution is studied in main lesson.

Service Learning

We educate children in such a way that they are able to envision and create a productive and peaceful world as adults. Applying knowledge in service to others contributes to a sense of self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and accomplishment. It strengthens qualities of self-discipline, perseverance, patience, and imagination. Community service is an intrinsic part of that goal. Each grade participates in at least one service learning project per year along with one initiated school wide.