Enhancement for At-risk Students

In compliance with Utah’s rule on Enhancement for At-risk Students, Treeside Charter School defines “at-risk” students as those students identified with limited English proficiency, students in poverty as identified by qualification for free or reduced lunch, and/or students identified for academic intervention by the school’s MTSS team.  For students with limited English proficiency, the baseline test will be WIDA administered each year. Students will score a 5 or a 6 before they graduate from 6th grade and leave Treeside. For students in poverty and for students identified by the MTSS team, the baseline test will be the state-required test administered to all students. Students in poverty and students identified by the MTSS team will score no lower than 5% of the student average for the appropriate grade-level population of Treeside students.  At-risk students will receive interventions based on the school's implementation of the MTSS model. Students will receive Tier II interventions from the Reading Specialist in a small group format. Students will receive Tier III interventions from Teaching Assistants in individual format.