We are hiring Teachers (full-time) and Teaching Assistants (part-time) for the 2020-2021 school year.

We provide a developmentally driven holistic education (inspired by Waldorf education) that prepares children for the intellectual demands of the future while nurturing the unique social and emotional capacities developed in childhood. Our methodology is guided by the principle that children learn best when they are engaged in learning in a three-fold manner: intellectually, emotionally, and actively. This is what Treeside calls the “Head, Heart, andHands” method of teaching and learning. 

We are looking for educators who:- Believe that if we work within the natural developmental stages of childhood, all children will learn at high levels.

- Want to learn and implement brain-based pedagogy.

- Make learning meaningful and memorable as it is delivered through the arts (practical, performing, visual), music, and nature-based experiences.

- Make learning purposeful through multi-sensory hands-on learning and real-world application through project-based learning.

- Want the freedom to create developmentally appropriate academic units of study with their team members.

- Want a working environment that respects and supports them as professionals and content experts.

- Want to become master educators while putting the joy and humanity back into the classroom.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Todd Hepworth, Acting Director. thepworth@treesidecharter.org