Dual Immersion

Dual Immersion at Treeside Charter School begins in 2019 with the first grade class.  We have two tracks (classes) that are fully participating in this program in Spanish and English.  The goal of dual immersion is to develop students who are fluent speakers of two languages.  

This is done by improving the native language skills while introducing the same concepts in the new language.  In this situation it is Spanish and English.  Students will spend half the day in Spanish and the other half in English.  Important concepts are taught in both Spanish and English.

Each year after the 2019-2020 school year, we will be adding a new grade level to the dual immersion classes.  It is strongly suggested that for a student to be successful in dual immersion, they must enter it in first grade.

Our dual immersion is unique among all programs because we integrate the head, heart and hands methodologies throughout the students learning in both languages.  Our Waldorf-inspired strategies promote language learning in ways no other school can match.