COVID-19 Response


Education: Families may choose either in-person learning at school or remote learning at home. All lessons, including those for remote learning, will be created and delivered by Treeside teachers. 

Parents will communicate their choice to the Treeside registrar. The choice will remain in effect for the first semester (January 2021). All classrooms will have a Teaching Assistant to help each teacher implement enhanced safety procedures.

Face Coverings: In accordance with the State of Utah Public Health Order, all individuals, including employees, students, and visitors, must wear a face covering on public school property and on buses.

Exemptions: Face coverings are not required when maintaining a distance of six feet or more outdoors, during eating and drinking, for persons with verified medical conditions, or for students with IEP accommodations.

Training: All school personnel and students will receive comprehensive training on Treeside's safety protocols.

Schedules: Classroom schedules will be adjusted to provide more outdoor time and smaller student cohort groups. Classrooms will be physically arranged to allow for adequate distancing.

Monitoring: As required by the State of Utah and under the guidance of Health Department professionals, school personnel will monitor students for symptoms. A person who displays symptoms will have a safe place to wait until she/he can return home.

Sanitizing: Treeside's custodial staff have developed regimens for increased and frequent sanitizing of high-touch and high-traffic areas in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Traffic: All aspects of student movement are being examined to reduce congestion and to make movement safe and purposeful.

Lunch: Treeside's nutrition staff have coordinated closely with the Health Department and have developed safety protocols for breakfast and lunch at school.

Recess: Recess will take place outdoors as much as possible and in our large well-ventilated gym when necessary. 

Treeside has plans in place for a seamless transition from in-person learning to at-home learning if required by the Health Department. 

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