Specialty Integration

We use art, music, and movement to not just enrich, but to teach core concepts.

Visual Arts

Our students enjoy the complete integration of the visual arts into their main lessons and core subject areas. Painting, drawing and modeling, whether illustrating a myth or reinforcing a scientific principle, allows students to link deeper meaning to lesson content, builds focus and encourages creativity. Time spent on visual arts also improves fine motor skills and fuels young imagination.

Performing Arts

For each grade, the class play is an important part of our curriculum, with roles chosen to develop each student’s innate gifts and to support curricular themes.  You will witness the high level of speech work that is cultivated and watch skills develop over the years.

Practical Arts

Handwork such as knitting, crochet, sewing, and woodworking is a intrigue aspect of Treeside Charter School's brain-based approach. It improves fine motor skills which has direct correlations to improved cognitive functioning. Handwork projects allow students to use knowledge in practical and meaningful ways. For example, a knitting project reinforces left-right brain connection, helps build math skills, and allows student to think sequentially and critically.


Music is integrated throughout the grades and curriculum. Students learn rhythms, sing songs, play a variety of instruments, and  compose. Beginning in Kindergarten music is used to teach language sense and by the sixth grade, every student learns a string or percussion instrument.

Movement and yoga

The brain loves when the body moves.  Movement, particularly choreographed movement help to build physical agility and a sense of internal rhythm while developing spatial awareness and left-brain/right-brain coordination. These activities have a positive and lasting effect on overall health and well being, as well as supporting the ability to organize and process intellectual concepts. Treeside students dance, do yoga, create actions to learn concepts, do gymnastics, and spend time out of doors running, jumping, and strengthening their bodies.